Hello, my name is Shannen  

I’m an currently coming towards the end of a masters in Interaction Design in the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. I chose this masters as modern technology is shape shifting our world and I want to be apart of the sculpting of it. I've also always had an interest in how people interact with products, services and everyday objects and how they can be persuade or enhance our everyday actions. I have learned so much this year; tackling coding, processing and exploring soldering and circuitry.  I did my undergraduate degree course in Product Design also in the National College of Art and Design where I picked up a vast variety of skills such as sketching, model making, CAD, the Adobe suite; such as photoshop, illustrator, indesign, along with team work skills, communication, organisation and time management. I strive in human centred design and user experience design. Co-creation can be a great tool depending on the project of-course.